We specialise in women’s health nutrition, having helped 1000s of women regain control of hormones, migraines, PCOS and various skin conditions.

Throughout life women will encounter various physical and emotional changes during which the body’s requirements for nutrition will shift in order to cope with their continuing developments.  Although good dietary and life style practices are important throughout all stages of life, there are certain periods where it carries more importance.

Women’s health nutrition we specialise in are PCOS, (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), anxiety, energy, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bloating, optimum skin health, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. We have the expertise in women’s nutrition to enable you to make the necessary changes to bring you back into balance.

We often use a variety of functional testing to assess imbalances along with providing you a bespoke dietary and supplementation programme tailored to your specific needs.