One in five women who has a scan during gynaecological investigations has poly cystic ovaries but 80% of these women experience a variety of symptoms and are then classed as having PCOS.

Symptoms of PCOS

Symptoms may include irregular or no periods, erratic or no ovulation, subfertility, recurrent miscarriages, excess facial and body hair, fatigue, acne, weight gain that is hard to shift, hair loss, mood swings, abdominal pain, aching joints and dizziness.  Long term there is a sevenfold increase in the risk of cardiovascular problems and diabetes.  Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are also problems of this condition.  PCOS occurs when there is an imbalance in women’s hormones, mainly high oestrogen, testosterone and luteinizing hormone.  High levels of the hormone insulin needed to balance blood sugar levels are also produced.

With our approach we will help you to lose the required weight, improve your insulin sensitivity and provide you with a bespoke dietary and supplementation programme that assists with any hormone imbalances, cravings and any fatigue.  We also regularly use herbs to assist with balancing hormones as well.