Gout is often attributed to an over indulgence of red meat, red wine, and the excesses of life.

Although an excess of red wine can be contributory factor, overeating and overindulgence generally are not the causes of gout. It is a disorder of the body chemistry whereby too much uric acid and its compounds (urates) accumulate in the blood.

This results in acid and urate crystals collecting in one or more of the joints, causing extreme pain, swelling, and redness. The joint at the base of the big toe is particularly prone to gout and repeated attacks can damage the bones of the joints.

Urate crystals can also collect in the kidneys, leading to kidney stones, kidney failure and high blood pressure. They can also collect in the skin where they form hard lumps – the ears, fingers, and toes are all common sites.

How can we help?

Together with the likes and dislikes of the client, we formulate a  specially tailored, low-protein, rehydration diet which is strongly recommended for gout. You are likely to be recommended to concentrate on alkaline foods to counter excess uric acid production; suitable foods include vegetables, brown rice, pulses, millet, and lots of water.  Foods to avoid include spinach and rhubarb, and you should cut out altogether red meat, alcohol, tea, coffee, and dairy products, all of which are acidic.

A more comprehensive approach can be used if there are stones already present, primarily the Andreas Moritz gall bladder and liver flush.