Advice on eating well is everywhere. Every magazine and newspaper features something on food and superfoods with links to information dished out on the internet and social media. Even the trendiest restaurants are getting in on the action.

Cutting the enjoyable naughties from your diet completely can be challenging, but subtle changes can be made to help you achieve your goals a little more comfortably.

For example, simple alterations can rebalance our hormones. Women are made aware of the importance of hormonal balance; firstly in adolescence with skin health, then with fertility and pregnancy and during menopause. This delicate hormonal interplay can sometimes leave us feeling off our best despite having a considered, healthy diet.

However, one diet does not necessarily fit all. Nutrition is about rebalancing our bodies’ processes to deal with the modern world and to appreciate how paleo times and our genetics influence those processes. For example, stress, through our environment and work places huge strains on our bodies.

This month, I’m sharing simple dietary changes you can make right now without a trip to the health food market. These healthy food substitutes will have you glowing in no time.

Easy Healthy Food Swaps

White Rice For Brown

White rice is a versatile, simple carbohydrate. However, it is low in fibre which leaves you hungry sooner. The best swap would be to quinoa. This grain is full of protein, but if you don’t enjoy the flavour or texture switch to brown rice. Brown basmati rice is my favourite. It cooks like white rice, but takes a little longer. Brown rice is also packed with B vitamins and fibre. Visit for a collection of excellent brown rice recipes

Canned Beans For Dry

Canned beans are convenient and can be thrown into any meal to increase protein. However, the problem is not only the aluminium packaging, but also the high sodium and preservatives content. Try using dried beans soaked overnight. Once you’ve drained them the next morning, freeze your leftovers. You’ll then have a ready-made supply, minus the nasties, for next time. You can find some great bean, pea and pulses recipes at

Butter For Avocado

It sounds crazy but I use avocados instead of butter in cakes. It works! When all the ingredients get mashed up together in a cake mix you get the texture you need from the avocado and you can’t even taste the difference. Do a direct swap, gram for gram, and see for yourself. And the best part? Avocados are full of omega-3, so you get the health benefits as well as the calorific benefit.Try Women’s Health’s raw avocado supercake recipe

Salt For Spice

Substituting salt for spice turns a damaging diet into a healing one. Excess sodium retains water and leaves you bloated. Using garlic and black pepper instead of salt will protect your heart health while providing anti-viral and antibacterial benefits. Turmeric is another fantastic spice that has immune boosting properties. Oregano, anti fungal. The list goes on. Check out Jamie’s Oliver’s interesting garlic recipes here.

Cocoa For Raw Cacao

Cocoa is added to so many baking recipes. Not only is it exposed to high heat during processing, but sugar, fat and milk solids are then added to give it its sweet milky taste. Raw cacao is slightly more expensive. It is chocolate in its purest form. It has a slightly bitter taste but is packed with minerals and antioxidants. Add it to smoothies to give a richness without the guilt. Find out how to add cacao to your deit at

Introducing health boosting ingredients into your diet is easy. If you’d like guidance on how to improve your nutritional intake, please click the button below and let’s have a chat. I have lots of information to share and can offer products like DNAfit to provide a better understanding of your ideal diet.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Rita at Nutriphram