It’s in our nature to find quick fixes. Unfortunately this often means neglecting long-term issues. Clients come to me all the time looking for temporary band-aids to alleviate symptoms like bloating, constipation and IBS, but there are better solutions.

A finger prick blood test tells us what food intolerances you have. Having examined your results, we can then address any gastrointestinal symptoms as well as fatigue, hyperactivity, stuffy nose, itchy skin etc. Clients see major health improvements when they remove, before gradually reintroducing, the food types causing inflammation. Side effects include glowing skin and increased energy. Who wouldn’t want that?

What is a food intolerance test? An IgG test detects foods you are sensitive to. This relates to things we eat all the time and indicates gut permeability. IgG, or Immunoglobulin G, is the gut’s defence, latching onto specific substances and flushing them out.

Many of you have already benefitted from these tests for issues from acne to weight loss. If a friend or family member is experiencing stubborn GI symptoms that don’t dissipate with a conventional pill, please share with them this email.

Delicious Dairy Alternatives


CoYo yoghurts are coconut-based, dairy-free pots of yumminess. Although soya yoghurts are available, they should be avoided by anyone taking thyroid medication as it can interfere with the gland’s function.


Dairy-free chocolate is a revelation. Booja-Booja is my favourite brand but supermarket free from ranges should include similar treats. The most discerning cocoa fan won’t taste the difference between Booja-Booja and luxury chocs.


Choosing a dairy-free milk is a matter of taste. Rice milk is thin and sweet, coconut milk is simply heavenly and nut milks offer a very different experience again. Be sure to check the sugar content of nut milks. Apple juice is added as a sweetener.


Always check the dairy-free credentials of tofu and soya cheeses. Health food markets sell cheeses suitable for vegans and dairy-free dieters. One delicious alternative is basil infused tofu. Add to a Greek salad for a tasty summer meal.


Coconut butter is a great dairy alternative. It has 2g of fibre and small amounts of potassium, magnesium and iron per tablespoon. Brands like Coco Manna are delicious and are amazing in treats like these chocolate coconut butter bars.

If you believe you could benefit from a food intolerance test or would like to chat about how your diet may be effecting your body, book a consultation by clicking the button below.

Until next month, be well.
Rita at Nutriphram