Breakfast is energy giving, and leaves you feeling content and ready for the day ahead. Studies show people who make time to enjoy breakfast are likely to be physically active, do not smoke and drink in moderation. This is great news but there’s always an opportunity to improve the first meal of the day. Here are five ways of doing just that.

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Five ways to start the day

Lemon Water

A touch of fresh lemon in warm water is the perfect way to start the day. The citrus solution wakes up the liver, digestive system and flushes toxins. It also boosts immunity, is a source of potassium and reduces infammation.

Fish, avocado and tomato on toast

Add salmon to your avocado and tomato on toast and the benefits to you heart health doubles. Omega 3 fish oils reduce the risk of heart disease while avocado actively lowers cholesterol. Tomatoes also promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

Rye toast with nut butter

Eating rye promotes weight loss, reduces the risk of diabetes and battles heart disease. Applying almond rather than peanut butter boosts vitamin E, magnesium and iron intake. Add grapefruit to benefit from its alkalising properties.


Soak oats overnight in apple juice for a sweet, healthy breakfast. Enjoy uncooked. Add natural, organic yoghurt, grated apple and cinnamon. This recipe balances blood sugar levels and is gluten free. Replace yoghurt with soya milk for dairy-free.


As well as porridge, oatcakes are another way of getting your fix of this wonder cereal. Gluten-free and a great source of sustained energy, oats are rich in soluable fibre and nutrients. Enjoy with hummus or nut butters for additional protein and fibre.

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Rita at Nutriphram