Welcome to nutripharm.

We provide nutritional solutions to assist with many health conditions within the Kensington and Chelsea area (Skype™ consultations are also available if you are unable to attend clinic).

We are a small team of nutritionists and collaborate with other unique professionals to assist in optimising the body, or in periods of imbalance, establish the cause of imbalance to re- establish good health.

Good health comes not only from the body but also with a positive and healthy, mind and spirit.

As the founder, I became involved in appreciating the healing benefits of food from personal experience, which, despite my medical knowledge as a pharmacist, was a complete new area and required 3 more years of study.

I came from a background assuming that medical science was the answer to imbalances in managing symptoms. My personal experience led me to consider, appreciate and learn a scientific way to look for cause, and then establish balance through nutritional solutions.

We look forward to welcoming you at nutripharm, and assisting you in optimal health!


Rita has been hugely helpful when I came to see her after the birth of my third child. I was very tired and overweight and she was instrumental in helping to get my energy back and lose weight. Her diagnostic is very accurate and thanks to her knowledge of products she can get the right treatment. The results show very quickly and I felt like a new person. I have recommended her to a few friends who are all praising her. She can make people lives a lot better.
Karine, United Kingdom
Rita is an angel without wings! She is very professional and showed a genuine interest in helping me feel better. The Asyra has highlighted points in my body that needed support. Rita has prescribed supplements which I take religiously. People have started to notice my glow return. I highly recommend you try the Asyra and wait and see what a difference it makes to your energy levels and general well being.
Janet, London
Rita has been wonderful in helping me to soothe and cure my digestion problems that weren’t relenting before I went to see her. She has been remarkably efficient in dealing with the problem, and both listened very well and gave great advice. I have a lot of trust in her and was happy to send my children to her for consultation.
Stephanie, London
Having attended Rita’s Asyra clinic for post-cancer related issues I am greatly impressed by her breadth and depth of knowledge, her astute understanding, her ability to deliver clear and exact diagnosis and her very humane sensitive nature. Rita has enabled me to better manage my health going forward. I have no hesitation in recommending Rita to those who want to make the changes.
Avril, London